UIA 2011 Tokyo Youth Jamboree. Workshop Participant.

The Youth Jamboree was an international workshop for students and young architects that ran for a week in the lead up to the World Congress of Architecture in Tokyo. Taking place in the wake of the Tohoku earthquake, the brief was to design for disaster.

The jury consisted of Sou Fujimoto, Thomas Daniell and Mitsuhiro Kanada. Our team came in close 2nd of 16 teams.

Our site was Shinjuku and our project was about an interconnected system based on three interdependent concepts; building type and ground access; sub-system expansion and organisation; self-sufficiency and shared spaces.

Over time Shinjuku has historically been known as a hub in times of need. Our project looks at creating safe havens within the community, usefully engaging green spaces teaching self sufficiency. When disaster hits, people will naturally Seek refuge here. These spaces are connected by an underground network, building on the existing Shinjuku Station. Through engaging facades and rooftops and changing building types, people can escape their building in an emergency.  Architectural interventions offer emergency shelter and communications. 

Team members: Chloe Goldsmith, Christina Serowski, Daniel Vera, Hiroumi Takatsuki, Kazuaki matsui, Nasser Hussain, Qurat-ul-ain Malick, Seul A Mi Cho, Takao Hosoya, Victoria Rodriguez and Yue Chen.