coeō: verb: latin: assemble; meet; join; come together as a whole

studio coeō aims to practice with a multi-disciplinary approach. People, skills and perspectives come together as do materials, spaces and forms.

Chloe Goldsmith is a Newcastle based Architectural Designer currently under taking a Master of Architecture at the University of Newcastle.

After completing her bachelor degree in architecture, she travelled to Tokyo where she joined buildinglandscape, an architecture studio which explores urban renewal and intervention, public installation and responsive environments. 

Since returning she has spent several years as an Architectural Designer at Tribe Studio Architects in Sydney. Goldsmith has participated in various international architectural workshops, presenting her work to highly regarded critique panels.

Through coeō Goldsmith works on residential, object and spatial design and making. She reveres a humble scale of residential architecture; intimate, rigorous and of simple delight.


Photo credit: Carine Thevenau

Photo credit: Carine Thevenau